Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • To make heaven.
  • To take as many people with us.
  • To have a member of RCCG in every family of all nations.
  • To accomplish No. 1 above, holiness will be our lifestyle.
  • To accomplish No. 2 and 3 above, we will plant churches within five minutes walking distance in every city and town of developing countries and within five minutes driving distance in every city and town of developed countries.
  • We will pursue these objectives until every Nation in the world is reached for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

(In Pursuit of Godly perfection)
Victory @ Reading: “A house of prayer and place of hope for all race” – raises, prepares and fully equips Christians who through Word of God, worship songs, prayer and righteous living, take communities and cities for God whilst also encouraging believers to discover their own ministry gifts and guiding them to help and positively impact lives and win souls to Christ.

Mission Statement

The reason for which something is done …….POSSIBILITY.

Building A Family Driven And Inspired By Purpose (CHURCH). Genesis 17: 1 – 2.      

Our Pillars